Living in the Elements. It’s the little things… Ep 193

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We maybe stuck but we can still explore! If you would like to contribute towards Nandj videos, please use this link. Thank you. If you are getting something out of our videos, please become a Patron to help support our production and adventures. Get Unseen footage, Exclusive vids and engage with us more personally! In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we maybe stuck, but we can still explore! Just because we are not able to continue sailing around the world, does not mean we cannot keep exploring where we are. Boat life to us, is more than just sailing. We enjoy being anchored away from everyone and everything and enjoying the nature around us. A major reason we love living on Nandji is to live closer to nature and immerse ourselves amongst the elements. It's the little things in life that are the most rewarding. A simple bow shower under the rain makes all the difference. With no sail.... Continue Reading at Sailing Nandji

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