Living in our TINY HOME whilst PREGNANT! Ep 194

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Video sponsored by Ridge wallet. Use codeword: SAILING to get 10% off If you would like to contribute towards Nandj videos, please use this link. Thank you. If you are getting something out of our videos, please become a Patron to help support our production and adventures. Get Unseen footage, Exclusive vids and engage with us more personally! In this episode of Sailing Nandji, its lockdown life on our tiny home in Malaysia. We have been finding ways to keep ourselves busy during lockdown and we are now expecting a new little crew member onto Nandji. Living in a small space in the tropics whilst pregnant, is not everybody's idea of a fun time. Bonita is experiencing the first trimester and it is important we take good care of her during this period to ensure a healthy baby. Her symptoms are starting to show and some days are harder than others but Bonita powers on through (whilst I smi.... Continue Reading at Sailing Nandji

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