Just to anger the plankton

Just to anger the plankton
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We got straight back to the sailing once we departed the shipyard. We wanted away from the noise of city life. Even Port Townsend, as much as we both love it, comes with it’s fair share of traffic noises and we looking for less of that. I say sailing, but the reality is that now that it is beyond Labor Day the wind isn’t to be found, so we were motoring. Motoring is sailing in the Puget Sound – at least that is what I say to keep my sanity now that our ratio has fallen well below 50/50 again. With a clean bottom and prop, Meriwether became a sports car compared to the last few months. She would quickly and easily get to 6+ knots of speed on the motor now, a nice consolation prize after a fresh bottom paint.

We threw ourselves into a southerly direction, getting the chance to verify all our new instruments were working properly along the way. Back to Oak Bay we went, which involves going back under Flaggler Road Bridge at high tide. Mathematically, we had at l.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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