It must be Watmough

It must be Watmough
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It was good to take a break from all the sailing motoring from the past few days. It was also good to have a new place to hang out for the work week. We had sailed past Watmough Bay a few times in our past, but it never really fit into our schedule then. Now, it was a perfect stop over point. We pulled in after sunset so anchored pretty far off the shoreline. The furthest of all other boats in fact. That’s fine by us, we prefer the quiet and solitude over convenience so we leave the crowds (and their generators) to cram closer to the shoreline.

Over the course of our work-week stay the weather-slash-smoke still kept the sun and stars away. Occasionally we would get just a glimpse of the sun, but my mid week we were forced to run the motor for an hour to charge up our battery bank. Earlier in the year we upgraded to a 100 amp alternator, and “beefcaked” up the wiring, so the power just poured in. It always feels so stressful with the engine r.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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