Is The Sailing Lifestyle Worth The Effort To Make It Happen?

Is The Sailing Lifestyle Worth The Effort To Make It Happen?
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Are you toying with the idea of living the sailing life but not sure if it’s worth the effort? Do you worry that it might not be all it’s cracked up to be? Are you afraid that once you get the boat and start sailing there will be an initial high but like everything else in life your new lifestyle will become normalized?

If you’ve never changed your lifestyle before you can’t be blamed for having these doubts. How many people do you know that lived lifestyle A and then changed to lifestyle B. It just doesn’t happen very often. Most people carry on living the same way they always have despite a change in circumstances – even a major change.

For example, when changing jobs or careers there will be a period of adjustment and at first, things might be exciting and new. Over time, however, the new job or career becomes normal and life goes back to being the same it was before. The job changed but you still go on living the same lifestyle.<.... Continue Reading at Sailing Britican

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