How To: Stern To Med Mooring – 8 Easy Steps!

How To: Stern To Med Mooring – 8 Easy Steps!
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Follow this eight-point checklist to successfully complete a stern to med mooring procedure when using a mooring ball. Watch the video and follow the checklist. When you go out to practice the procedure yourself you’ll be more prepared to do it successfully.

Stern-to mooring is referred to as Med mooring or Mediterranean mooring. The key component of this procedure is that you back the boat in having the stern of the boat secured with lines to the dock. The front of the boat is secured by:

dropping an anchor, pulling up slime lines (lines that are fastened to the seafloor acting like an anchor); or you tie the bow onto a mooring ball. The reason this procedure is referred to as Med Mooring is that it’s a very common way to moor your boat in the Mediterranean.   For the most part, you’ll pull up slime lines or drop your anchor. Mooring balls are not very common. In the Caribbean, however, mooring balls are common.

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