How To Prevent Boat Fails

How To Prevent Boat Fails
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It might surprise you to learn that how to prevent boat fails comes down to several critical pieces of paper. The secret weapon boaters use to combat engine issues, leaks, rigging failures, and everyday boat problems is the mighty checklist.

If you’ve used checklists in your previous professional or home life, using them on your boat won’t be a difficult transition. But some cruisers forget the benefits of using checklists. They get on their boat and ‘wing-it’ rather than create routines and procedures that enable a happy running boat. Watch the video below or if you prefer to read scroll down to discover how to prevent boat fails!

How To Prevent Boat Fails Video 

Sure, boat life is all about going with the flow and being adaptable and flexible. It’s about throwing a bit of caution to the wind and allowing your spontaneous and carefree lifestyle to finally present itself. The last thing you’re thinking about is how to.... Continue Reading at Sailing Britican

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