How to Inspect Sails

How to Inspect Sails
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Make hand-sewing through many layers easier by pre-drilling the holes using a drill with a small bit. (Behan Gifford/)It’s easy to be satisfied enough with cruising sails. Seasonal sailing and a nearby sail loft minimize the consequences of any problems. Offseason, local sailmakers inspect and repair. They might report that those sails won’t last forever, while pushing a glossy brochure featuring impressive new technology into your hands. But cruising sailors are…frugal. For seasonal sailors who are careful with their canvas, cruising sails can work well enough for a decade or more. However, shift to a sabbatical cruise in the Caribbean or extended voyaging through the South Pacific, and the consequences of worn and torn sails grow quicker than wind in the ­leading edge of a squall.

In 2015 we were enjoying the wild, far side of the world on our Stevens 47, Totem. The Indian Ocean offered Nelson’s lauded Trincomalee Harbour in Sri Lanka and.... Continue Reading at Cruising World

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