How Do Sailing Families Celebrate Birthdays?

How Do Sailing Families Celebrate Birthdays?
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How do sailing families celebrate birthdays? Let me back up…Some of our viewers are waiting for their children to leave the nest before they head out to sea. Others don’t want to wait – the kids are going to have to come! And many that are making plans to live on a boat will eventually have nieces, nephews or grandkids come to visit.

Most of us will have children on our boat at some point or another. And some of the questions we get asked regarding children include socialization, homeschooling, safety and a big one is ‘how does a child survive being cooped up on a boat?’ (Not my words!)

Not dissimilar to children on land during Covid-19, boat kids have had to stay on their boat and practice social distancing. You’d think that it’s a worst-case scenario for a boat kid – wouldn’t you? No sailing, no kids, no nothing. Even swimming in tropical waters is no fun when you’re doing it alone! So, how do sailing famil.... Continue Reading at Sailing Britican

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