Getting half way north

Getting half way north
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There we were, not far out of Olympia, and nine days away from a scheduled haul-out in Port Townsend almost 90 nautical miles of sailing to our North. Twenty to thirty miles is the normal distance we travel each week. So, we had to put some proper miles in each of the five sailing days we had available and we were hoping the weather would play nice. No matter what, we had to be in PT by the following Monday morning. 

Issue number one was getting back through the Tacoma Narrows. Timing is everything when going through a pass where the currents can run 5-plus  knots. Attempting it at the wrong time means we go no where, as our normal cruising speed is about 5 knots. Going through at the right time can mean we fly through at 8+ knots of speed over ground. So, the first few days all hinged on the tides through the pass, which ran in our favor on both Sunday and Monday mornings – early. Combined with a favorable wind on Monday (not so much on Sunday) we chose to pa.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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