Five Questions with Delivery Skipper Hank Schmitt

Five Questions with Delivery Skipper Hank Schmitt
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  Hank Schmitt has made numerous runs to the Caribbean and back, though not along the return route he took this year.As the coronavirus continues to change and reshape the world as we know it, Cruising World is reaching out to contributors, our partners in the marine industry, and other sailors to get their take on where they are and how they’re doing. We’re asking five questions to each of them, and in this installment, we’re checking in on Hank Schmitt, founder of the North Atlantic Rally to the Caribbean and Offshore Passage Opportunities. 1. Where were you when the full effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic became apparent, and what were things like? I had been in St. Maarten since early February aboard our OPO flagship Swan 48 Avocation, but left briefly to visit Dominica in mid-March, so I was caught without a port for a few days after arriving back in St. Maarten 11 hours after the island was locked down. Unable to stay, I found refuge in St. Thom.... Continue Reading at Cruising World

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