Everything is closed anyway, so why not work more

Everything is closed anyway, so why not work more
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Yea, we are still stuck in Bellingham due to lock-downs at both the state and international levels. We could have sailed off, but with all the marinas and parks closed anyway, there was no where to go. That’s okay though, we have been using our isolation time wisely.

First thing I did was to just take a week off of all physical work. My back had been bothering me since January as I kept re-agitating it on one project or another here on Meriwether. My foot started hurting for no good reason, and I messed up my knee climbing the mast doing the radar installation. My body clearly needed a break. I’m not very good at doing nothing at all, but I persevered, and won in the end.

I wasn’t completely useless during my down time. I did take on a few tasks that were not real physical; mainly the disassembly, cleaning, lubing, reassembly, and polishing of all the winches on the boat. Each would take a day of soaking and scrubbing thanks to the mix of hardened gre.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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