Eagle Island and Penrose Point

Eagle Island and Penrose Point
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Our short time at Eagle Island State Marine Park consisted only of two real happenings;

First was our attempt to hike the trail system on the 5 acre island only to be met with hostility. The trees and bushes have well and thoroughly retaken the island, leaving very little trail left to walk. We bushwhacked as far as we could, to a proper dead end in the trail, then returned back to where we started. Nothing of note took place in the very short amount of time on the trail.

Second, was the loss of one of our dinghy oars to the strong current after the dinghy stayed in the water overnight, with oars secured on it. This has been the norm for some time without incident, but that infamous morning we were down to a single oar. While the oars are only a backup propulsion system for the little boat, it is disconcerting to not have a backup if the motor ever starts giving troubles (like breaking a prop) when we are out and about. Especially so when we are down here where the cur.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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