Dyes Inlet

Dyes Inlet
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Although the forecast showed we would have a nice breeze coming from the North East for this day’s sail,  the actual wind would be nothing of the sort. I do not even get all that bothered by it anymore. The unpredictability of the wind in the Puget Sound is just reality, and it either gets accepted or becomes an ulcer. Captains choice. I expected a lot of motoring down in the south Sound, so when we left Poulsbo we did just that. During the first couple hours we watched others raise sail only to sit stationary in the water. It didn’t look fun at all. We had 17 nautical miles to travel to Dyes Inlet, just outside of Silverdale, Washington so we didn’t want to flounder about for long.

Eventually, we would get a slight breeze coming from our port quarter (left-rear). Bored with motoring, we set about raising our spinnaker sail for the first time. Spinnaker sails are those huge, colorful, kite-type sails good for down wind sailing in low wind and that is wh.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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