Don’t anchor behind those boaters

Don’t anchor behind those boaters
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Visiting the south Puget Sound in a sail boat means the amount of sailing one will be doing is very much in question. The water ways are squeezed between numerous landmasses, each of which will either block wind all together or cause the wind to blow in a completely different direction (and force) than advertised. With that in mind, I was under no illusion early on that most of our time traveling would be by motor, but there are some days where sailing can be had.

Our travel day from Penrose Point State Park to another of Washington State’s Marine Parks just around the corner,  we encountered both sailing and motoring. In fact, we sailed off anchor at Penrose and a good way down Carr Inlet before the wind shift convinced us to change our route. Instead of navigating around McNeil Island, we took the Pitt Pass shortcut which we initially did not want to do because it would all be guarantee motoring through the pass. As we came out the other side of the pass, the wind.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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