Cuttin the lines

Cuttin the lines
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After another two weeks at the marina, finishing off even more projects while we wait out the COVID-19 closures and a few final packages with gear, we finally had enough and ‘cut the lines’. We are starting this year’s sailing season only a few days later than last year, but if feels like much later thanks to our earlier arrival to the boat back in February (brr). I know that means we spent only a little more then three months stationary, but it was an eternity to these nomadic souls. Nevertheless, we got mucho-mucho work done on the boat during our time at dock. The highlights are; New water heater. New 600 watts of solar. New alternator and wiring. New sea water pump. New 120v electrical cord and outlet installed. New freezer (more meat!). New (and longer) stern and bow ground tackle including twice the length of anchor chain. New self-tailing winch on the mast for our main halyard. New radar and AIS systems. New topping lift installed on boom. New V-birth foam mat.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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