Cruising Couples Communication Tips

Cruising Couples Communication Tips
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Rewind 18 years to when we knew nothing about cruising couples communication tips. It was time to do my very first stern-to mooring. The plan was for my husband, Simon, to back the boat into the marina jetty, I was going to throw an aft line and grab another line from a dockhand. Then I was instructed to quickly walk the line up to the front of the boat and use it to secure the bow of the boat.

Knowing the plan for an hour or so I had a pit in my stomach. How exactly would I grab the line? Why did I have to wear garden gloves? What if I dropped it? What if I didn’t make it to the bow of the boat quickly enough? Gosh…I hated unknowns.

Before Simon started to back the boat towards the jetty I looked up and saw eight other boats all lined up and watching us. They were a part of our sailing flotilla and we were the last in. There were a total of 23 sets of eyes on us and I could feel each of them like lasers examining my every move.

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