CopperCoat Antifouling Review

CopperCoat Antifouling Review
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Coppercoat Antifouling Review: Did you know that when applied correctly CopperCoat Antifoul can last more than 10 years? Instead of having to haul your boat out every year (or every other year) imagine not having the hassle or the expense at all.

The biggest draw of CopperCoat to us was the ultimate savings we’d experience over the long run.

With a world circumnavigation on the cards, we didn’t want to have to haul out in distant foreign lands. We wanted to head west and just keep on sailing.

The cost of having our boat craned out, spray washed, put on the hard, and antifouling paint applied wasn’t cheap. Furthermore, we’re liveaboards so we had to either live on the boat on the hard (if allowed) or pay for alternate accommodation. CopperCoat would make our lives easier.

Another benefit of CopperCoat is the increase in the speed that you’ll appreciate. With CopperCoat you’ll go around 1/2 knot faster. That means.... Continue Reading at Sailing Britican

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