BOAT LIFE in the BIG CITY! Exploring Penang… Ep 203

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What are 2 sailors doing in the big smoke? Let's play tourist! If you are getting something out of our videos, please become a Patron to help support our production and adventures. Get Exclusive videos and engage with us more personally! If you would like to contribute towards Nandj videos, please use this link. Thank you. Grab some Sailing Nandji merch and help support our adventures whilst looking good! In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we arrived to the city of Penang, Malaysia in search for a doctor and hospital where we are going to have our first child. Arriving to the city a few days early, it is the perfect excuse to go and explore this historical city. After looking at the same scenery for months on end, the bustling modern city of Penang was a welcome change. Penang is an old Colonial town with a very old section called Georgetown. This cen.... Continue Reading at Sailing Nandji

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