Blind expediency

Blind expediency
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It happened regularly when we were land based nomads; that “I’ve been here before” feeling. Once we anchored in the waters just outside of Port Hadlock, chilled for a night, then set out to the laundromat just up the hill the following morning, that feeling came around once again. Yep, we have been here before in the van in 2018, and I took the bus up from Port Ludlow last year to do laundry. I thought Port Hadlock was going to be all new for us, but it turned out to be another repeat town for us, we just didn’t know it from the water. Nevertheless, we got our laundry done and a bit of provisioning (that’s what we sailors call grocery shopping, because we are cool like that) at the store next door. The town itself it quite small. Stores line the main highway for only a few hundred yards in all four directions of the one major intersection, and that is it. Besides the grocery and laundry, there is a hardware store, which proved useful, as well as a single .... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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