A Happy Obsession

A Happy Obsession
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The first real sea trials in Newport Harbor on the newly-acquired and nameless O’Day Widgeon confirms the potential of this once neglected craft. For the cost of new ropes, two trailer wheels, and a few days of cleaning and epoxy work, there’s freedom in this “free” boat. (Jen Brett /)Someone wanted—or needed—it gone from their driveway. A neglected little red boat on a trailer, leaning on a cracked flat tire under the weight of a pile of decayed leaves in the cockpit. There’s a sheen of green algae spreading across its aluminum spars. For the owner, or whomever brought it home, it’s a daily reminder of a dream unfulfilled. That someone wanted the burden gone, so they called a friend to come take it away. That friend didn’t want it either, so they called me.

“I have a free boat for you, if you want it,” this friend said over the phone. “But the catch is, you have to decide right now, because we’r.... Continue Reading at Sailing World

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