Tayte Pollmann’s Mental Training Guide for Trail Racing

Tayte Pollmann’s Mental Training Guide for Trail Racing
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Compared to the physical side of training, mental training is often overlooked. However, this training aspect is just as important to improving your performances at competitions and being the best runner you can be. Unfortunately, there can be a negative stigma surrounding mental training. Many runners think they only need to work on mental training if they suffer from conditions such as pre-race anxiety or uncontrollable nerves. Runners may even hide the fact that they are working with sports psychologists for fear that others might think there’s something wrong with them.

This is NOT the case! Working on the mental component of training is one of the best ways to gain an edge over competitors, achieve your racing goals, and overall make running a happier and more enjoyable activity. Some of the world’s best runners, including Roger Bannister, Eliud Kipchoge, Deana Kastor and Des Linden endorse mental training as a key element to their success. Even if you feel yo.... Continue Reading at Trail Runner - ATRA

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