How To Build Strength to Improve Your Trail Running

How To Build Strength to Improve Your Trail Running
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Written by Hillary Osborne for the Fall 2020 issue of our Trail Times newsletter. Hillary is a NSCA certified personal trainer and strength coach with Lifelong Endurance. She is a Colorado resident and ultrarunner who runs for The Adrenalin Project. 

Running is the best, right? You can spend hours grooving on that smooth single track. Don’t mind the commute to trailheads. You’ll even grind up that lovely, quad-burning, lung-sucking vert for the rewarding views at the summit. But, when it comes to spending a minute on strength, you’d just rather not. It can be overwhelming to know what exercises are best, or which equipment to use. Plus, how do you fit anything more into your already time-crunched training schedule.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Adding just a little bit of strength work can go a long way to enhance performance and insure longevity in the sport. Strength training can increase your force product.... Continue Reading at Trail Runner - ATRA

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