RTM Rytmo Angler Kayak Review & Up Close Detailed Walk Through

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An up close look and review of the RTM Rytmo Angler Fishing Kayak. Based on the efficient hull design of the RTM Tempo but with plenty of features for kayak fishing. The Rytmo Angler is a fast fishing sit on top kayak that offers excellent performance for coastal inshore and offshore kayak fishing. Also great for touring and exploring the coastline and very capable of handling rougher open water choppy waves and swell. In this video I run through the main features and hull design, and discuss the use of the RTM Rytmo Angler for kayak fishing. I owned and kayak fished from an RTM Rytmo Angler for 18 months and provide my experience and insight in this video. The Rytmo Angler still remains one of my favourite fishing kayaks for ease of paddling on coastal waters! SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more fishing kayak reviews and overviews! You can buy the RTM Rytmo Angler in the UK from Cornwall Canoes: https://www.cornwall-canoes.co.uk/rtm-rytmo-angler.htm #rtmrytmo #kayakreview #f.... Continue Reading at Kayak Fishing Blog

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