RESCUE US!! 9 days Adrift in the Doldrums… Ep 249

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After 9 days at sea sailing in circles, we finally reach land for repairs... In this episode, the battle continues as we try to reach land for repairs. Not being able to use the engine as our prop fell apart, we have tried to sail the 200 nautical miles back to Pangkor marina in Malaysia. With countries borders closed, getting to land is only the first battle. Struggling to sail any distance n the right direction due to light winds and an opposing current, we have our tender tied to the side to try and make headway. With limited outboard fuel, we need to use this sparingly. Finally after 9 days, we reach close enough to the marina where we are rescued and towed the final 50 nautical miles into safe harbour. #sailing #sailingaroundtheworld #boatlife If you are enjoying our videos, sign up to Patreon to help support us, our production and the adventures. You will get Exclusive videos, rewards on offer and engage with us more personally! https://www..... Continue Reading at Sailing Nandji

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