Preparing for First Winter at Off- Grid Cabin

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Booking travel is cheaper on Hopper. Download Hopper through this link: New users that sign up with my link will receive a $10 Carrot Cash reward that can be applied towards their first hotel booking. Thanks to Hopper for sponsoring this video! It’s been a productive few months since arriving at the cabin but winter is sneaking up on us and as the cold weather sets in it’s now time to start preparing for our first winter at our off grid tiny house in the woods. Canadian winters can be harsh (especially this remote in the wilderness) and knowing how to keep warm in winter is a must. Although we had a few setbacks this week this is a great start for a the wild wonderful winter weather ahead of us. Join us next week for more preparation for our first winter. Stay warm friends! Join the Patreon Pack HERE! For exclusive content, live streams, and MORE! OR Have you been watching & enjoying .... Continue Reading at Van Wives

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