Why No Bananas on a Fishing Boat? Top 7 Beliefs

Why No Bananas on a Fishing Boat? Top 7 Beliefs
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It very hard to say how far back the superstition goes, but among the fishermen, there exists a belief that carrying banana on a boat brings bad luck. Fishers believed that when fishing starts bad and continues that way, then there must be a member who might have brought a banana abroad. If the charter boat captain finds out banana itself or a banana muffin, then it is speedily flung overboard.

There are no clear reasons that exist as to why no bananas on the boat. However, the following are common explanation as to why people deemed so:

1. Dangerous cargo. In the way back 1700s, when top-heavy ships sink, nothing else would be found other than precious bananas floating on the surface. Due to this, people concluded that the transportation of the fruit itself led to these naval mishaps. This assumption made bananas become known as an omen of misfortune and danger to ships.

2.Too fast for fish This is one of the big Plausible reasons as to why no b.... Continue Reading at Kayaks Point

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