What’s the Best State for Whitewater Rafting?

What’s the Best State for Whitewater Rafting?
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With more than 3.6 million river miles, it’s no surprise that the United States has some of the finest whitewater rafting on the planet. From fast, narrow creeks to multi-day meanders beneath towering canyons, America’s whitewater truly has it all.

So which state has the very best whitewater rafting? The answer depends, since “best” can mean a lot of things. We took into account some of the most important factors: How much runnable whitewater a state has (and its variety), how accessible those rivers are, the length of the season, and the quality of the scenery. It’s tough to find a clear winner—after all, the best river is the one you’re currently paddling—but these states are the clear standouts.

Top 5 States for Whitewater Rafting

1) California | Sheer Volume The Golden State boasts the second-highest number of river miles in the U.S., clocking in at just under 190,000. Of course, not all of those miles are ru.... Continue Reading at Oars

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