Waka Steeze – Review

Waka Steeze – Review
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The Waka Steeze is designed as a river running play boat that you can still take out in bigger water with the addition of extra volume by adding in a pod. Two kayaks in one.

Waka Steeze – Review

Here is what Waka have to say about the Steeze:

The Steeze is a boat that has been created from our passion to deliver the kayak we as paddlers most want. Our desire is to have a boat that makes kayaking even more fun whilst not having to compromise on the features that a modern-day creek boat brings when that epic run comes in.

Waka Kayaks

I have had around 30 hours in the Steeze on grade IV water and out in some fairly sizeable surf.

The Waka Steeze is 274cm long which is the same size as both the medium and large Pyranha Rippers but is 68cm wide making it much wider than the medium (62cm) and large (63cm) Ripper. This means that the Steeze feels more stable than the Ripper straight out of the starting blocks.

The large cockpit i.... Continue Reading at Unsponsored

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