Wahoo Kickr 18 Repair

Wahoo Kickr 18 Repair
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Wahoo Kickr 18 RepairI have had Wahoo turbo trainers for the last few years. The first being the Kickr Snap which worked well but its resistance would fluctuate quite a bit depending on tyre pressure and air temperature.

I decided in January 2019 to get a wheel off Kickr 18 as I really like riding on Zwift and the wheel off meant that I could almost fit and forget.

Within a couple of weeks the unit began to display the clunking and clicking that many units had suffered. The flywheel was also running with a bit of a wobble. A replacement arrived a few days after raising a support ticket and submitted a short video of the issue.

I have been using that replacement ever since and have covered almost 2000km on it for almost the last year and a half.

Last week it started to make a few slight noises that I didn’t like the sound off and a vibration could be detected through the pedals. The noise was a slight click and a rubbing/squeal fr.... Continue Reading at Unsponsored

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