The River Of Life: Parallels Of Paddling And Mental Health

The River Of Life: Parallels Of Paddling And Mental Health
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How are you? No really, how are you? It’s Mental Health Awareness Week so let’s talk! We’re all navigating the rapids of life and they seem to be a little more challenging that usual at the moment. As we slowly and tentatively go back to the water, let’s take time to consider how paddling draws parallels with health and wellbeing.

Connection to other people and to nature can vastly improve our mental health through enjoying positive shared experiences, providing emotional support and finding a sense of belonging. Paddling is a social sport: Whether this is participating in a club night, gathering for a post-paddle pint (or cuppa!) or conversations in an eddy at the local play spot. Also consider your connection to nature on your journey: The flow of the river, magnificent geology in secluded gorges, seeing otters and birds and passing by autumnal trees in all their glory. On more difficult water we often miss these things as we are cau.... Continue Reading at Unsponsored

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