The Best New Paddling Gear of 2020

The Best New Paddling Gear of 2020
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Months spent hunkered down at home have us all itching to get back to the great outdoors. And what better way to stay reasonably close to home, and yet safely get out and away, than by hitting the water? Be it via board or boat, kayak or raft, you’re outside, responsibly maintaining social distance from others, exercising and retaining sanity with every stroke. Here are 10 of the latest pieces of innovative paddlesports gear to help make every stroke there a little easier.

Why a Rafting or Paddling Trip Could Be Summer’s Safest Pandemic Escape Epic Kayaks Epic V9 Want to take off that quarantine 15? Epic’s new V9 surfski blends speed, stability and agility. With a hump under the knees for leg power and an adjustable footboard, at 19 feet it’s built for downwind surfing, open-ocean crossings, racing, fitness sessions and more—with a narrower beam that optimizes flatwater speed. Bonus: Made from a Nomex honeycomb core with woven carbon, .... Continue Reading at Men's Journal Adventure

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