Reviews of Boat Building Books

Reviews of Boat Building Books
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Over the years, I’ve built a few canoe and kayaks without any formal instruction. When I started building, formal instruction wasn’t available where I live, so I mostly learned how to do it from books. Just like sentences are pulled together by a paragraph, books help to pull together all the steps of boat building. If you are good at following instructions and have some skill with building, you end up with a boat that will float. I’ve managed to collect just a few boat-building books over the years. Here is a list with a short review of those that I’ve collected.

This article was originally published back in 2008. I’ve updated the list with a few new books and fixed the links. The links will now take you to the books on Amazon. Some have gone up in price 10 fold! It looks like they sold out and are now collector items.

Schade, Nick, The Strip-Built Sea Kayak, Maine, Ragged Mountain Press, 1998 Out of all the canoe and kayak bu.... Continue Reading at Paddling Light

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