LOMO Dry Boxes

LOMO Dry Boxes
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LOMO release their new line of ultra tough Dry Boxes. The Centurion Dry Box range is now ready to serve and protect.

LOMO Dry Boxes LOMO Dry BoxesQuick Info

Lomos toughest dry boxes yet.Five new ultra-tough centurion dry boxes.Made from durable PolypropyleneWaterproof designAir pressure release valvePick and Pluck cubed foam includedSoft rubber coated handleReinforced hingesRetro reflective panelsLOMO Dry BoxesLomo decided to take their dry boxes to the next level, and produce a case so tough, that it will take more abuse than most other cases of a similar type on the market. 

The Dry Boxes do exactly what you would expect a dry box to do, its built to protect your expensive equipment from the elements, wither that be sand, dust, dirt, water, snow or wind. Wherever your expedition or adventure takes you, be sure your equipment gets there too.

LOMO Dry BoxesPlace your valuables inside with confidence. The centurion dry boxes from Lom.... Continue Reading at Unsponsored

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