Kokatat Huck Throw Bag – First Look

Kokatat Huck Throw Bag – First Look
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We first made a post about Kokatat releasing a new throw bag way back in 2019. It has only been quite recently that the Huck began to appear in stores.

Kokatat Huck Throw Bag – First LookThe Huck is a compact, mantis green coloured throw bag packed with 50 feet (15m) of ¼-inch floating polyethylene core rope with a maximum strength of 1,450 pounds. A 70 feet (21m) bag is also available.

The Huck can be purchased with or without the Kokatat belt and the one I have here was purchased with the belt. However the Huck works well on the other throw bag belts that I have here at Unsponsored HQ.

QR for bag releaseThe quick-release, adjustable nylon belt allows the paddler to comfortably wear the bag on the back of their waist or in their lap.

The bag also has a slight curve which helps it sit against your body.

Wide strap for the bagBelt removedThe bag itself is made out of a combination of 500D Cordura, mesh, and a.... Continue Reading at Unsponsored

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