How to #RecreateResponsibly This Summer and Beyond

How to #RecreateResponsibly This Summer and Beyond
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As summer presses on and the confines of quarantine chafe, many of us are looking out the window wondering, “How do I get out of here? Safely?”

We’re still trying to slow the spread of COVID-19 in practice. For many, that means unnecessary vacations and cross-country trips are being put off for now. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t delve deep into your local surroundings.

For those of us in urban areas, this means turning to our parks, local trails and wildlife areas. If your city or town doesn’t have these resources close at hand, a quick Google search may bring up reasonably close alternatives. Recreating close to home is a good way to lower your chance at exposing someone else or being exposed yourself. If you’re feeling sick, please stay home. Nature isn’t going anywhere. If you’re ready to venture out though, keep in mind the #RecreateResponsibly guidelines which will help protect each other and .... Continue Reading at Oars

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