How to Paddle a Kayak: Tips and Techniques

How to Paddle a Kayak: Tips and Techniques
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There are a wide variety of paddle sports, ranging from the placid to the frankly insane, and it pays to be sure that you know what you are getting into. Most people take a gentle approach and learn to start paddling for the kayak on completely safe, flat, sheltered water.

Even so, most kayaks and canoes seem initially unstable, and for most people that is exactly what distinguishes these craft from more solid dinghies and rowing boats.

The possibility of being capsized means that you have to take certain precautions. Being able to swim at least 50m (170ft) in clothing is a prerequisite, and wearing a buoyancy aid (personal flotation device, or PFD) is important, particularly when you start because you might fall into the water quite often.

 What is more often overlooked is the need to think through what will happen if you do end up in the water. Will the boat float? Will you be able to get ashore quickly? Is there land close by?

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