How to Make an Easy and Affordable Hand Washing Station

How to Make an Easy and Affordable Hand Washing Station
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Proper hygiene and an emphasis on keeping your hands clean has always been a critical part of preventing the spread of illnesses in group camping situations like multi-day river trips. So it’s no surprise that rafting outfitters have perfected how to make an effective hand washing station for use out in the field. OARS typically provides two or three of these in camp for both the “kitchen” area and the “bathroom” or groover area, along with soap and hand sanitizer.

It’s not just wilderness river trips where a portable hand washing system might come in handy though. With the new realities that we’re all facing in the COVID-19 era, a do-it-yourself hand wash station is a creative, everyday solution that can be used in a variety of environments like car camping trips, festivals, summer camps, schools, small businesses, etc.

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