How to Choose the Right Mask for River Trips

How to Choose the Right Mask for River Trips
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You may still be trying to figure out which style of mask you prefer wearing for everyday life, let alone for an outdoor vacation like a river trip. While the best advice is to choose an option that you’re comfortable wearing for 30-plus minutes in any scenario, it’s also important to keep in mind that being outdoors in the summer heat will be a bit different than running to the grocery store.

With the help of feedback from our crew who’s been out in the field testing various face covering options, we’ve weighed in below with the pros and cons of some of the go-to designs out there so you can make the best decision for your individual needs before your rafting trip. You won’t be required to wear a mask in the raft (though you can choose to if you like), but some outfitters like OARS are expecting them to be worn at times when it may be impossible to physically distance from other guests or guides in camp like at the dinner line or while b.... Continue Reading at Oars

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