Finding Topography in a Devastatingly Flat Landscape

Finding Topography in a Devastatingly Flat Landscape
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Still being relatively new to the state of Louisiana, it’s landscape, and recreational opportunities I was pleased to finally get in a kayak and get on a body of water. It becomes immediately clear that topography does exist here in South Louisiana, you just have to get low — and slow — enough to see it. Lake Martin is a great introduction, and opportunity, for anyone living in Lafayette or the surrounding area to discover the calmness of gliding across water. The towering layers and depths that clusters of cypress trees create. The chorus of birds that envelope you as you train your eyes on whether or not that “log” is an alligator or not (spoiler alert, it is an alligator). Lake Martin is an easy twenty minute drive from the heart of Lafayette. It took my wife and I — who are novice kayakers — about two hours to paddle the perimeter, explore the cypress, and discover the beautiful topography and landscape vistas that South Louisiana can .... Continue Reading at Pack Paddle

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