Best Camping Games for the River (Or Anywhere)

Best Camping Games for the River (Or Anywhere)
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River guides need to have an arsenal of post-rafting activities up their sleeves, so thank goodness for camping games.  Here are a few we like to play on the river when we can, but really, these games would be fun wherever you’re camping, or even at home in your backyard with your favorite people.  Guaranteed they’ll keep your group laughing into the wee hours.

6 Camping Games Everyone Will Love

1) Spikeball Spikeball first rose to popularity after being featured on the hit show, Shark Tank. Now, everyone from elite athletes to our river guides have discovered this fun, volleyball/foursquare hybrid. To play, two teams take turns spiking a small ball off of a trampoline-like net to each other. Each team gets three hits/chances to return the ball back to the other team without letting it hit the ground. If they can’t return it, or the ball drops to the ground, the other team scores a point. This continues until one team reaches 11 points (or .... Continue Reading at Oars

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