Best Adventures Within 3 Hours of Boise, Idaho

Best Adventures Within 3 Hours of Boise, Idaho
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We all have to do our part right now and stay close to home to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In the meantime, we’ll continue to share travel inspiration, road trip ideas and more with our community to encourage you to keep dreaming about future adventures that will help support the tourism and hospitality industry when it’s safe to get back out there. 

When 19th-century French-Canadian fur trappers came across the site of present-day Boise, legend has it they started shouting excitedly: “Les bois!” they exclaimed, “The trees!” Boise (pronounce it BOY-see if you want to blend in with the locals) is surrounded by high desert, but thanks to the river of the same name, the capital of Idaho earned its “City of Trees” nickname.

Boise has maintained its adventure base camp status in the intervening century. Whether your preferred outdoor pursuit requires rugged trails, high peaks, fast-moving water, or 360-degre.... Continue Reading at Oars

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