Back to Boof – Paddler’s Not-so-Happy Hips Part 2

Back to Boof – Paddler’s Not-so-Happy Hips Part 2
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by Sal Montgomery

You’ve had the bust up. All that built up tension finally exploded and things got messy.  Now it’s time to make up… In part 1 of Paddler’s Hips we talked it all out and discovered that our hip flexors (the muscles on the front of our hips) were feeling over-worked and under-appreciated.

With some lovin’ and appreciation though, our stressed out companions are feeling happier by the day. Now it’s time to crack the whip and turn our slack, work-shy butts in to proud, pert grafters. Relationship goals here we come!

Too much drama A few hours on the water with our buddies isn’t a big deal, so why are our hips causing such a scene? Some days it feels as if they haven’t stop nagging at us the whole time we’ve been in our boats. Then they’re in a mood with us all evening, even though we’ve not done anything wrong! 

As always though, there’s two sides to every s.... Continue Reading at Kayak Session

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