Back to Boof – Firing it up or FOMO’ing at home?

Back to Boof – Firing it up or FOMO’ing at home?
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by Sal Montgomery

Power On! A quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram is all you need for working out where the world is at with lockdown right now. The green lighters are dropping epic Bus-Eater shots, the amber-lighters are stoked on that section of flat by their house that they’ve never even noticed before and then there’s the red-lighters who are keeping busy making that second boat rack in their garage and re-sharing their ‘Throw back’ posts. 

So it’s clear that we’re all still in pretty varied situations right now. And that’s ok. Yeah it sucks sitting at home getting FOMO whilst your mates across the pond are out paddling each day, but this won’t last forever and at some point we’ll all be out there firing it up! 

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