Back to Boof – Dodgy Ankles

Back to Boof – Dodgy Ankles
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by Sal Montgomery

Loaded boats, soggy shoes and sketchy portages. It’s no surprise that our ankles sometimes give out on us. Not ideal if you’re halfway down that pretty remote river and still have scouts or portages coming up. Suddenly you don’t feel quite as badass and you’ve become very reliant on your paddling buddies… Brits on tour Ankle sprains can sometimes identify similar to that of a British paddler abroad- hot, uncomfortable and red in appearance. Whilst a bad sprain is better represented by the Brit that’s taking their mind off the sunburn by visiting the local discoteca- a bit wobbly and struggling to walk. 

If you notice that your ankle shares some of these characteristics then you’ve likely stretched your ligaments beyond their limits, causing fibres to tear and become inflamed. 

Ligaments connect bone to bone (tendons connect muscle to bone). The inside of our ankle has the lovely thick &lsquo.... Continue Reading at Kayak Session

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