5 Ways to Make Killer Camp Coffee

5 Ways to Make Killer Camp Coffee
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Yes, I love coffee for the typical reasons—warmth and caffeine—but also the joyful rhythm it brings to mornings in camp. Whether you’re on a multi-day river trip, car camping adventure or backpacking trip, there’s no reason to deny yourself of a great cup of coffee. The best brewing methods vary based on the type of trip, available packing space, and the number of people you’re serving, but read on for a few classic ways to make delicious camp coffee.

How to Brew Coffee While Camping

1) Cowboy coffee This is a classic method for large groups and is still used on river trips around the world. Some rafters are recalcitrant to share best practices. My favorite system, honed after many early river mornings, is known as the sink down method. Boil a large pot of water. Once it boils, turn off the flame, leaving the pot on the burner. Pour in coffee (about 2 tbsp. grounds per 8 oz. of water). DO NOT STIR. Relight the flame, until a delicate boil.... Continue Reading at Oars

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