26 Paddling and Camping Tips for Families and New Parents

26 Paddling and Camping Tips for Families and New Parents
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We’re now five years into the adventure of parenting. While it has slowed down the number of extended trips — I haven’t done a trip longer than 20 days since our kid was born — it hasn’t stopped us completely. Camping with our little one has gotten much easier as he has gotten older. This is especially true looking back at his first nine-day camping trip when he was six months old. Over the years, we’ve learned a few paddling and camping trips for families and new parents that made our trips much easier. I’ll share some that we’ve learned.

Trip prep and camp chores take twice as long when you add one two-year-old kid to the family. Account for this so you don’t feel overwhelmed. When paddling make your days shorter so you have more time in camp to complete the chores.Before the trip pay attention to the number of diapers you use each day. This will give you a good idea how many you’ll need to pack for your pad.... Continue Reading at Paddling Light

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