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Have you ever been scared at a park up? How do you stay safe? We're answering these questions and more in this week's TRUTH OR DARE Challenge. Yes we have been afraid and we're revealing our scariest day of van life! It's a true crime story of camping gone wrong, of murder next door. Come for the scary stories ( van life murder witness? ... WTF?) and stay for the van life safety tips. Be sure to stick around for another hilarious dare and don't forget to leave your Truth-or-Dare challenge in the comment section for a chance to have it chosen for a future video. HOW WE STAY SAFE LIVING IN A VAN - 5 TIPS 1. Trust your intuition. 2. Back into your camp spot, or situate yourself so you can make a quick getaway. 3. Weapons/Defense - Pepper Spray / Mace / Bear Spray (for bear encounters. It is illegal in some places to use Bear Spray on a human.) - Machete/Axe, Cast Iron Pans, Kitchen knives, etc... many things we have on hand have the potential to be used as a weapon. We .... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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