OFF- GRID SHOWER | Full- Tour | DIY Female Van Life Build

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OFF- GRID SHOWER | Full- Tour | diy Female Van Life Build This Video is Sponsored by Cricut This week we continue the DIY off grid SHOWER build in our tiny home! We finish plumbing the whole off grid shower system & then show you a full tour of how the off grid indoor shower works! We hope this little tour of the system can help you if you’re planning on building a DIY van! We went with an Ecotemp electric water heater which will be run off our victron inverter & charged by our off grid solar panels & isolator, & sometimes shore power! This sprinter van conversion is seriously blowing us away as we make the changes we need to be more comfortable. We are so happy to be one step closer to being fully self reliant & have full facilities on board!! We take a break from van build due to van life problems... But get to enjoy the process! After all thats what this lifestyle is all about. When we initially did our DIY Sprinter van conve.... Continue Reading at Van Wives

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