NIGHTMARE Boat Crash 1,000 Miles From Land!

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This week we're answering the critical question: what happens if you crash the boat? This is a rare but extremely serious situation and can have dire consequences if the boat is not built with collisions in mind. Seawind manager Mike takes us through the crash bulkheads and how they're made to prevent water ingress, and the Seawind 1370's watertight compartments, and we have a chance to chat to Seawind owners Mark and Isobel from s/v Jollydogs who happened to collide with an underwater object in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and had their entire starboard bow ripped off. And yes, they sailed over 1000 miles to safety. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe and leave a comment ⛵️ To support our work ❤️ I'd watch the whole episode if I were you, but if you're short on time: 00:00 Intro 01:39 Forward bulkheads construction 04:23 Mark and Isobel's collision at sea 07:27 Ruby Rose 2 crash bulkheads 09:29 Keel wat.... Continue Reading at Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose

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